PW Festival: Last Information

The Festival starts in two days!

So that everything runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve got some important information for you.
Cashless Payment
New payment system concerning all PollerWiesen events on land: Cashless Payment with the Cash Card.
For more information have a look at: CASHLESS PAYMENT.

Grab one of the very last tickets here.

There will be no tickets at the door!

Tickets do not have to be printed. You can have them scanned on your mobile phone. Just make sure that the QR Code can be seen clearly.

We can't guarantee the validity of tickets bought through resale. Don't support ticket scammers! We recommend using services like TicketSwap for buying/selling tickets.

Who’s playing when? Check our Timetable.

Site Plan
Who's playing where? Check our site plan.

Still high on energy? We’ll continue from 10pm onwards at JunkYard Dortmund.

From Dortmund main station you can reach the Wischlingen area in just a few minutes. Just take the S-Bahn 2 in the direction of Duisburg Hbf (stop: Wischlingen S-Bahnhof).

Parking Spaces
For the sake of the environment, we recommend our guests to use public transfers, come by bike or set up a car-pool.
There will be a limited amount of parking spaces at entry West (Wischlinger Weg 157).

Forbidden Items
For your own safety, we kindly ask you not to use large bags (larger than 10 litres) or large backpacks (larger than 10 litres). Sunshades/sails, large umbrellas and other bulky items are also not permitted. There is no storage place for removed items on the event grounds. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these measures, as they serve to protect the general public (Forbidden Items).

There will be lockers on ground. You can rent small lockers online in advance or on site. Large/ Volt Lockers are already sold out.

More Questions?
If you do have more questions please have a look at our FAQs first or contact: [email protected].

Ready for the rave!