• Cashless Payment: What is the PollerWiesen Cash Card and where can I get it/ top it up?
    From this year onwards the PollerWiesen Cash Card will be at every Open Air on land. Just get the Cash Card at a Cashless Payment Point and top up the Cash Card in cash or by your ATM/ credit card in steps of five euro.

  • Cashless Payment: Can I use my PollerWiesen Cash Card for every PollerWiesen Open Air?
    No. You can use your Cash Card just during the day of the event and not for following Open Airs.
  • Cashless Payment: Do I have to pay a fee or deposit?
    No, you neither have to pay a fee nor a deposit for your Cash Card.
  • Cashless Payment: How much money can I upload on my Cash Card?
    You can upload your Cash Card with at least 10€ and up to 1000€.
  • Cashless Payment: How does the payment process works at each of the stands?
    You just have to put your Cash Card to the available card reader and the payable amount of money will be withdrawn. After the successful payment, your remaining credit will be shown on the card reader.
  • Cashless Payment: What can I do if I have problems with my Cash Card?
    We have a Clearing Point on site at every Open Air where our staff will help you.
  • Cashless Payment: What happens if my Cash Card got stolen/ I lost it?
    If the card is lost, there is no entitlement to a refund of the remaining balance, as the Cash Card is equivalent to cash.
  • Cashless Payment: How much money do I get refunded?
    For safety reasons, we can refund at least 2€ and a maximum of 100€ during the event and online.
  • Cashless Payment: How do I get my money back if I want to leave the Open Air?
    Just drop your Cash Card at a Cashless Payment Point and you will get the refundable amount of money (min. 2€ - max. 100€) in cash.
  • Cashless Payment: How do I get my money back after the event?
    You can get your money refunded (min. 2€ - max. 100€) on the day after the Open Air from 12 am onwards up to five days at: Just type in your 16-digit code and 4-digit pin (at the back of your Cash Card) and follow the instructions given to you afterwards to get the money to your declared bank account.
  • Cashless Payment: How long does it take till the money will be transferred to my declared bank account?
    Please have a little bit patience! If the money won’t be on your declared bank account within 2 weeks contact: [email protected]
  • Cashless Payment: What do I have to do if the remaining amount of money is not refunded yet?
    If there should be problems with the refund of your money please contact: [email protected]
  • Event: Is there an age limit at the PollerWiesen?

    The PollerWiesen events on ground are generally age16+. The boat events are age 18+.

    Please note that after partys for PollerWiesen events (including "PollerWiesen Day & Night at Bootshaus") are usually age 18+.
  • Event: Where does PollerWiesen take place and how do I get there?

    Jugendpark, Cologne
    Sachsenbergstr. 1
    51063 Cologne

    Revierpark Wischlingen, Dortmund
    Wischlinger Weg 157
    44379 Dortmund

    MS RheinEnergie, PollerWiesen Boot
    Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 80 (Next to the Bastei)
    50668 Cologne

    For the sake of the environment, we recommend our guests to use public transfers, come by bike or set up a car-pool. Parking facilities are available on site in a limited amount. 
    A few bus agencies offer bus day-trips which bring you to the PollerWiesen. For guests from Holland we recommend Road Trippers.
  • Event: How is the timetable? (Line-Up)

    The timetable will be announced shortly before the event on our website, in our iPhone and Android App or on Facebook. On the day of event timetables will also be posted next to the bars and cash containers.

  • Event: Can I bring food / beverages?

    1,5L water per person without any taste and not of glass is ok. Due entry the bottle has to be closed originally. Its allowed to bring some fruits (cut in small portions). No food or beverages are allowed on the PollerWiesen boat events.

  • Event: Can I bring a backpack?
    It's allowed to bring small bags. Please don't bring backpacks or big bags over 10 liters to the event. (e.g. standard Eastpak max.). Please also check our image "Forbidden Items".
  • Event: Will there be lockers on the ground?
    There will be limited lockers at the PollerWiesen Festival in Dortmund. You can use them for a little fee.
    Please don't bring big backpacks.
  • Event: I'm not doing well on the PollerWiesen. Where can I get help?

    On every PollerWiesen are enough paramedics on site. The tents are mostly in the entrance area. Pay attention to the Red Cross.

  • Event: When I leave the event area with a stamp, can I get back in?
    It's not possible to re-enter the festival ground without buying a new ticket. If the event is sold out, there's no re-entry.
  • Event: Is swimming allowed?

    For safety reasons the water may not be entered although the location has bathing facilities.

  • Event: Are there parking spaces?

    Yes. Depending on the location there are parking spaces next to the event.

    At Jugendpark, Köln: Underneath the "Zoobrücke" in a limited amount.
    At Revierpark Wischlingen, Dortmund: at "Wischlinger Weg 157". Follow the signs.

    We recommend to all guests to make use of public transport or the bike.
  • Event: Are the PollerWiesen accessible?
    Yes, usually the PollerWiesen are accessible.
    Please notice that the events on land take place in parks and there could be natural barrages.
    The PollerWiesen-Boats are accessible.
    There are toilets for disabled persons on every PollerWiesen event.
  • Lost & Found: I lost my keys, wallet or something else. Where can I ask for them?

    You can send an e-Mail to [email protected] and we try our best to find your belongings.

  • Tickets: I can't find my ticket anymore, what can I do?
    For all ticket questions please contact the ticketshop [email protected]
  • Tickets: Is it transferable?

    The tickets are not personalized and can be transferred to others. We want to advise, that we don't take any responsibility for tickets bought from an unofficial source. There's no guarantee for a validity of tickets that are not bought from official resale shops. If you want to sell or buy a ticket, we recommend using services like Ticketswap.

  • Tickets: Can I show the ticket on my smartphone?

    Yes. The QR-Code must be seen clearly on your smartphone. 

  • Tickets: Can I use public transfer with my PollerWiesen ticket?

    No. A ticket for public transfer is not included in the PollerWiesen ticket to keep costs as low as possible.

  • Tickets: Do pre-sale tickets remain their validity in case of postponement?

    In case of event postponement, all tickets remain their validity, if there will be offered alternate dates. A refund of the ticket price because of a postponement is not possible. For more details check our general terms and conditions

  • Tickets: Will the ticket price be refunded in case of a cancellation?

    In case of a final cancellation, all online bought tickets will be cancelled shortly after the weather decision. The repayment of the entry price including the pre-sale fees is commissioned by PollerWiesen. According to the payment method (credit card, Pay Pal, etc.) it can last up to four weeks, until the money is refunded. The duration is depending on the payment provider and isn't influenced by us. Please note that the amount will be refunded on the credit card account, Pay Pal account or on the money card, not automatically on the authoritative giro account. Only by "Sofort-Überweisung" (instant bank transfer) the money lands directly on the giro account. All tickets bought at pre sale places can be re-exchanged within four weeks (ticket price and pre-sale fees).

    Alternatively the ticket can be sent with all information showing the last name within 4 weeks to the following address (see also the back of your pre sale ticket):

    PollerWiesen Hoffmann und Peiki GmbH
    Spichernstraße 73
    50672 Köln

    The full amount will be refunded within 2 weeks. For further details see our terms and conditions

  • Weather: What happens if there is bad weather (rain, cold)?

    The decision if the PollerWiesen takes place, will normally be announced 2 days before the event. In case of constant rain or too low temperatures the date may be postponed or cancelled. In addition to the main date, some alternate dates may also be planned with a varying line-up.

  • Weather: What happens if there is bad weather on the boat (rain, cold)?

    The PollerWiesen boat parties take place, no matter how the weather is! In worst case the event on the MS RheinEnergie can happen Indoor.

  • Where do I get further information?

    You can find any information on this website, on Facebook or in our iPhone App and Android App.

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