Artists // P.A.C.O.


P.A.C.O. and his hat have experienced a lot during their travels. Either as part of the Kittball Records family, as a promoter, or even as a Dj. The busy Dortmund-based Spaniard lives and breathes electronic music.

The passion for repetitive music has been with him his whole life and this reflects in the music he produces today. As a Dj, he has the ability to inspire an audience like no other. Combine this with some of the newest, never heard tracks, a few ‘old treasures’ and he’ll be doing the magic without even having to pull a rabbit out his hat!

If P.A.C.O. is not on the road he is busy in the basement working on new productions and is a frequent guest at Tube & Berger’s studio. The outcome of these collaborations is reflected on his very first EP “Greyjoy” and a lot more of his own releases will be coming out on his resident label Kittball Records in 2014.

So if you’re looking for an act that just plays the same boring old stuff that you always hear, don’t even think of booking P.A.C.O as a guest Dj, because he is way more than that. The man with the charming smile is the DJ to have, if you want fresh new sounds moving the people on the floor. He always has an ear for his audience and is constantly in touch with the dancefloor he watches over.