Artists // Textasy


Dustin Evans aka Textasy, a Dallas native, an up and coming musical savant whose
new world sound has made an impression on the techno scene with strong traction
growing internationally. Since relocating to Berlin a few years back, he has pushed the
envelope of conventional electronic music by drawing on youthful obsessions with
Miami bass, Ghetto-tech and UK Rave culture, and cross pollenating these genres
creating a new futuristic branch of bass music that is all his own.

It is plain to see why Textasy is currently sitting atop an enigmatic pedestal and
receiving huge praise for his explosive productions and gut-busting live experience. His
deep appreciation of dance music combined with a necessity for raw and powerful beats
aiming straight for the jugular makes his live sets incomparable to fellow DJs. For those
tired of the commerciality that has become techno, Evans’ hybrid material is the energetic sound of the future.

A flurry of EPs released on E-Beamz, Craigie Knowes and Natural Sciences pays
homage to his versatility of mixes show casing his talent in creating an easy fluidity
between genres while simultaneously redefining them at the same time.
Further evidence of his extensive creativity; Textasy also runs his label FTP
(FreiTanzPlatten), a label which has developed a cult following since the few years of its inception,
whose sound of production and style of mixing has proliferated across the club spectrum.
Through which his ‘no genre restrictions’ policy also reverberates the
rarely trodden path of what is considered the ‘purist ghettotech’ route, all whilst surfing
the wave of breakneck electro championed by the likes of DJ Stingray, Nina Kravitz and
many others adopting his new sound into current mixes.

His unique soundtrack is one that has him currently placed as one of the finest recent
hardcore producers. With his brave sound challenging current trends, he is charting a
course through previously unexplored territory whilst simultaneously deprogramming
culture and creating a foothold in the industry with fan base destined to grow and thrive.